Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis enlargement surgery is a procedure that improves the male organ to meet your desired specifications. It increases the length or girth, or both, of the penis and requires only a brief recovery time. Dissatisfaction with the penis could lead to problems with confidence and low self-esteem. This can affect a man’s personal, psychological, and sexual life. The only way to alter the size and appearance of the penis is through a surgical procedure such as penoplasty. The procedure only takes about an hour with no need for an overnight stay.

At Da Vinci Aesthetics, we value your trust and confidence. We assure the utmost confidentiality and privacy in a discrete and professional environment.

Male Enhancement


The resection of the suspensory ligament creates length for the penis outwards from the pubic bone. A more developed ligament retracts the penis towards the pubic bone; therefore, an incision to this leads to a better result in length enhancement.

After the resection of the ligament, the surgeon will perform the “Supra Pubic Cutaneous Laser Plasty”. This speeds up the healing of the wound. Absorbable sutures are then used to close the surgical site. These are completely absorbed in 20 to 25 days.

In some cases, the adipose tissue on the pubic area can make the penis appear smaller. This procedure aims to remove the fat from the area, visually increasing the length.



This is by injection of the patient’s own adipose tissue into the skin surrounding the organ, resulting in an increase of the diameter of the penis. The use of the patient’s own tissue is the safest choice, due to the absence of rejection. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy and fat purification are employed to allow higher retention of tissue for better and longer-lasting results.

The procedure consists of three main phases:

1). Fat is collected from the abdominal area or the inner thighs.

2). PRP and fat purification: the fat collected is processed via PRP and the Puregraft System, making it denser and more concentrated.

3). Uniform implantation: through two or three small incisions at the base of the penis, the fat is uniformly injected through the epidermis and then massaged to ensure a proper distribution along the organ.

The increase of the circumference is up to 30 percent and, in most cases, no revision or further procedures are required.

Penile enlargement, both length and girth, is normally performed under general anaesthesia and/or sedation for maximum patient comfort and safety.

Depending on the surgeon’s clinical judgement, girth enhancement can sometimes be done with simpler local anaesthesia, which also means light sedation and easier and faster recovery.

The procedure varies from patient to patient and will be discussed with, and explained to, the patient for better understanding and the patient’s peace of mind.

The procedure generally takes 1 to 2 hours.

Depending on the nature of your job, further consultation and clinical advice will be provided by the surgical team on when it’s safe for you to return to work. Patients who undergo this surgery can normally resume work in 3 to 7 days.

You should make a full recovery and completely heal in 2 months. Complying with the surgeon or team’s post-operative care and advice can enhance and shorten recovery time. A list of dos and don’ts after surgery will be explained to you, such as taking analgesia as required and calling the clinic with any concerns and queries you have.

This surgery is normally performed as day surgery. You will usually be able to go home after the reversal of anaesthesia and after the team have made sure you are comfortable and safe to do so.

Patients are advised to only resume physical activity, such as exercise or going to the gym, after 3 to 4 weeks of rest.

Return to the gym or fitness regimen must be carefully planned in your consultations. Considering the sensitivity of the area, it is suggested you gradually increase the intensity of exercises or physical exertion.

You can safely resume sexual activity after one month. You will be advised during the consultations about the safest practices for sexual activity after surgery. These will be discussed in detail for better understanding and safety

Penoplasty Prices:

Consultation: £50

Girth Only: £4250

Length Only: £4650

Length and Girth: £6750

What is included in the surgery price?



Two consultations after the initial session with our surgeon.

Follow up Appointments

Three follow-up appointments with our specialist nurse.

Unlimited Extra Follow-ups

Our specialist nurse is available for non-scheduled follow-ups.

Hospital Fee

The cost of the facilities used on the day of the surgery is covered.


A driver is provided for your transportation after the procedure.

Emergency Contact

You can contact us any time 24/7 via phone and WhatsApp.


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