Nipple lift

As people age, have children, or lose large amounts of weight, their breasts may begin to sag. The nipples may change in position and shape, looking asymmetric or less appealing than they used to. Unfortunately, exercise and topical treatments can’t help. In this case, a nipple lift is the best solution.


Also known as an areola lift, this procedure can improve the shape and position of your nipples. Think of it as a minor breast lift. Both men and women can undergo this surgery. It’s ideal for those with enlarged, droopy, or long nipples.


Commonly, patients who ask for an areola lift have misshapen or asymmetric nipples. The surgery can increase their self-esteem and enhance the appearance of the breasts. This procedure can be performed either with a breast lift or mammary implants.


A nipple lift takes 30 to 60 minutes. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for general or local anaesthesia. We recommend the latter, which is safer and less likely to have adverse effects.

This procedure can help reshape and lift your nipples. The surgeon will make an incision at the junction of the areola and breast skin to slightly lift the nipples and/or reduce their size. Excess tissues will be removed through the incision. Next, the nipple will be reconnected to the nerves and blood vessels.


During surgery, the areola and nipple will be lifted to a more natural position. The incision will be closed with absorbable or non-absorbable sutures depending on the patient’s individual needs.


Our surgeon will ensure that scarring is minimal. Beware that it’s perfectly normal to experience mild pain, numbness, bruising, and swelling for a few weeks after the procedure. You will receive painkillers to help relieve discomfort. The final results are visible in a couple of months.


In the first week, it’s important to avoid heavy lifting and strenuous activities. Even though you’ll be able to drive yourself home, it’s recommended you have someone to help you during recovery. Some patients are required to wear a support bra, which helps improve their comfort and accelerates healing.


You may experience nipple hypersensitivity after the procedure, but the symptoms will go away within a few weeks. Overall, the recovery process is short and depends on the extent of your surgery.




This operation can be performed under local anaesthetic but if it makes you feel more comfortable, you can choose the option of general anaesthesia.

This procedure generally takes 30 to 60 minutes.

If performed under local anaesthesia, this procedure doesn’t require time off work. With general anaesthesia, we recommend waiting 1 or 2 days before returning to work.

Full recovery requires one month. There shouldn’t be any pain, although there may be some hypersensitivity of the nipple.

Day surgery. Half-day if performed under local.

We ask our patients to wait at least one week before returning to the gym.

Nipple Lift price:

Consultation: FREE

Procedure: £2500

What is included in the surgery price?



Two further consultations after the initial one with our surgeon.


Follow-up Appointments

Three follow-up appointments with our specialist nurse.


Unlimited extra follow-ups

Our specialist nurse is available for non-scheduled follow-ups.


Hospital fee

The costs of the facility used on the day of the surgery are covered.



A driver is provided for your transportation after the procedure.


Emergency contact

You can contact us at any time 24/7 via phone and WhatsApp

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