Buttock Implants

To obtain a firm, round bum, some people spend hours working out or try cosmetic products or supplements that guarantee fuller buttocks. Unfortunately, these things rarely work. Sure, you can work the glutes through targeted exercises, but your genetics will ultimately determine by how much you can improve your appearance naturally.


Buttock implants are the only way to completely change the size and shape of your bum. This surgical procedure uses implants to help men and women achieve a perfectly shaped silhouette and an aesthetically pleasing contour of the buttocks.


Currently, it’s one of the fastest growing procedures of its kind. More than 20,673 Americans had butt augmentation done in 2017.


Not interested in buttock implants? Check out the Brazilian Buttock Uplift; it may be what you were looking for.

Buttock augmentation – or gluteoplasty – aims to improve the size and appearance of the lower back area. It’s perfect for those who want a more appealing figure with fuller curves. Ideal for men and women who are unhappy with their buttocks and wish to achieve a more balanced look, it is a simple procedure but requires a long recovery.


Sometimes, the buttocks are too small for the frame. Certain factors, such as aging, weight loss, and lack of exercise, can affect the size and shape of your behind too. The end goal of surgery is to achieve a curvier, more youthful appearance.


This procedure can reshape and enhance the gluteal area using anatomically shaped implants that provide a natural looking appearance.


The ideal candidates are at least 18 years old and in good health. Before the procedure, our surgeons will discuss with you the best option and help you choose the perfect type of implant based on your goals and anatomy. The intervention takes 1 to 3 hours and requires general anaesthesia.

Buttock implants are placed on top of or underneath the gluteus maximus (the main muscle of the region) through an incision of a few centimetres. The surgeon will create a pocket large enough to accommodate the implant; sometimes this procedure will be done along with liposuction, to remove excess fat and give the buttocks a firmer appearance. The incisions are closed with layered sutures.


During the intervention, your surgeon may insert drains, which will be removed on the same day or a few days after. Depending on your wishes, your surgeon will use gel silicone implants or water-based implants; both come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit each patient’s body frame. Modern implants provide a smooth, natural feel and last for years.


Healing takes 6 to 8 months, but the results of surgery are visible almost immediately. You may experience some pain and swelling, which will go away within a week or so. The appearance of your buttocks will continue to improve as you recover.


The procedure offers long-lasting results; however, certain factors, such as gravity and aging, may slightly change the shape of your buttocks. To avoid these issues, we suggest maintaining a healthy diet and embracing an active lifestyle.


For the best results it is necessary to be careful, especially for the first few weeks. Patients are advised to avoid sitting for 5 to 15 days after surgery, and to constantly wear a tight garment for few weeks (provided by us).


Your surgeon will prescribe painkillers and other medications to relieve pain and improve your comfort. You will be able to return to work about one week after the procedure.


Whether you want to restore the shape of your lower back or simply improve its overall appearance, buttock implants are an excellent choice and the results are immediate. Contact us to find out more.

The operation is performed under general anaesthesia. At the end of the procedure, the surgeon will inject some local anaesthetic close to the wound, so that the area is numb and feels more comfortable once you are awake.

We estimate between 1 and 3 hours, depending mainly on your body and what you want to achieve.

This procedure requires you to avoid sitting down for up to 2 weeks. If your job requires driving or sitting, you might need to stay home for 2 to 4 weeks.

The healing process requires up to 5 months.

Depending on your condition after surgery, and the clinical judgment of your surgeon, you may need to stay overnight.

You should avoid the gym for one month or more, depending on your healing time.

Buttock Implants price:

Consultation: £50

Procedure: £6500-£8500

What is included in the surgery price?



Two further consultations after the initial one with our surgeon.


Follow-up Appointments

Three follow-up appointments with our specialist nurse.


Unlimited extra follow-ups

Our specialist nurse is available for non-scheduled follow-ups.


Hospital fee

The costs of the facility used on the day of the surgery are covered.



A driver is provided for your transportation after the procedure.


Emergency contact

You can contact us at any time 24/7 via phone and WhatsApp.


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