Penis Enlargement: Do Pills, Oils, Creams, Penile Extenders Really Work?

January 12, 2019

When these products come to mind, we imagine or even expect they will perform miracles, especially the more expensive ones. Some pills offer to increase the length by up to 4 inches, while others will claim to “double the girth in only one week”. Unfortunately, these remedies only offer false promises.

The male genitalia is a very intricate organ comprised of several parts, all with their own important functions and each one working in a different way. The tissue can be described as “spongy”, and this is so that when the brain sends the appropriate signal, the increase in blood pressure will carry more blood to that area, causing an erection.

In other words, the erection is caused by an increased blood flow to the organ, without any change in the organ’s volume.

Hence, what these tablets or ointments are supposed to do is increase the tissues that constitute the organ itself, but this is medically impossible.

What these tablets generally do, is simply improve the circulation, thinning the blood or increasing the blood pressure. Both of these effects can be potentially harmful for your well-being, and are totally ineffective in enhancing the penile size.

Let’s explore all the product options offered on the market today and look at their claims for penile size and length enhancement.


In literature, there are no legitimate studies to confirm the claims of pills for size enhancement. If a pill of this kind did exist, you would probably find it in every pharmacy. The fact that these magical products exist only in online shops should make you think twice before purchasing them.

Creams or Ointments:

For these products, we can just repeat what we said about pills. Topical creams are applied to the genital area, covering the organ and (hypothetically) increasing its size. Unfortunately, these creams or chemical compounds can cause erythema, if not other undesired skin reactions.


Supplements are great for a little boost throughout the day. Vitamins and minerals are basically harmless if taken properly and not for long, but as we said before, it doesn’t matter what you eat: you cannot increase the amount of tissue in the penis or its permeability to blood.

A lot of patients ask about other different techniques, all aimed at increasing the penis size. Let’s go through each of them one by one.

Vacuum Pumps:

This product is an intended treatment for erectile dysfunction, not for penis enlargement. Any other claim is false. The pump works by creating a vacuum around the penis and increasing the permeability of the organ. Before removing the pump, a ring needs to be positioned at the base of the penis to prevent the blood from flowing back to the body. As explained earlier, this can increase the overall size of the penis, but not permanently.

Stretching Techniques:

These techniques are actually very dangerous and are not backed up by any scientific evidence. Pulling or squeezing the organ when it’s in a flaccid state can damage blood vessels and nerves, leaving you with erectile dysfunction, especially if not done correctly and safely.

Penile Extender:

These techniques involve hanging a weight off the penis when it’s in a flaccid state for many hours each day for months. This can damage the tissues and there are reported cases of Peyronie’s disease caused by penile extenders, resulting in permanent curvature and painful erections of the penis due to the production of scar tissue.

Traction Devices:

These work by mechanically stretching the penis in a similar way to penile extenders. While these allow a more controlled traction, limiting complications, there is no strong evidence that these devices work. These are very impractical to use and can create a temporary lengthening of 1cm over a few months at best. If not used correctly, they can also cause the same damage as a penile extender..

What does work then?

There are a few things you can do to increase the visible or visual size of the penis. One, very simply, is trimming the pubic hair. The trim will make the penis appear longer than it did before.

A second viable option is losing weight. The fat deposits on the supra pubic area affect the perceived size of the penis, making it look, in some cases, 1 to 4 inches shorter. Moreover, physical activity and a healthier lifestyle will make you feel more secure and comfortable with your body, increasing your general wellness and self-esteem.

The surgical approach is the only guaranteed way to increase length and girth. The separation of the pubic ligament will increase the length by 1 to 2 inches and a fat transfer from the abdominal area will increase the girth of the penis by 30 to 40%.

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